>> The Plissk├źn Festival rocks with JACK and RAPTOR.
No surprise that the moving heads that lit the artists were the JACKs and the RAPTORs, capable to generate a huge luminosity, giving an exceptional balance between performance and power consumption.
The Plisskën Festival is a renowned music event set in Athens. Established in December 2010, Plisskën Festival covered more than 80 international and local artists over its 3 editions. Though being rock-rooted, the Plisskën is a genre-defying festival, open to a range of different influences.
The latest edition of the festival was held last June at Building 56, Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Centre, with the participation of Black Lips, Nightmares On Wax, Wild Beasts, Fink, and more.
The Plisskën Festival is deeply committed with nature preservation and sustainability issues; the festival goal is straightforward: to provide a fulfilling and enjoyable music experience, minimizing any impact on the environment.

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