>> MIRRAD storms the Bastille with GLP impression X4 artillery
Lighting designer Jamie Thompson has again turned to GLP’s groundbreaking LED impression series to help create dramatic stage impact for this year’s world tour by Bastille

Three years after successfully integrating the impression 90s (and Zoom) into The Script’s show design, his company MIRRAD, which he runs with experienced co-lighting designer Bryan Leitch and Dave Cohen, specified 60 of the German manufacturer’s highly popular X4 moving heads. The inventory was supplied by PRG after first providing a demo of the fixtures.
Technology has advanced a long way in three years, and Thompson admits, “I’m really loving the X4 … I feel that GLP has made another huge leap with this new range. Combining both power and effects, this range has really come into its own.”
The London-based band, fronted by Dan Smith, has been playing a range of successful shows, including the massive Coachella Festival in the States (where Will Dart was programming and operating the lighting board) as they embark on the festival season.
The production concept this time around has been to highlight the triangle symbol which replaces the ‘A” in Bastille — and the impressions are used to line the upstage triangle and mid-stage diagonals. They are also rigged overhead for use as mid-air effects and to wash the stage.
“In these roles the X4 has been opening up some amazing effects for us,” Jamie continues. “The ability to use specific cells in the fixtures is a fantastic feature. But what really impresses is just how bright they are for their size — and how they stand up to the discharge sources.”
In fact GLP’s popular touring product features 19 RGBW 15W LED’s in a new baseless, lightweight design, with slimline body — making them easy to specify and place within the plot. The impression X4 features a 7:1 zoom ratio (7°-50°), full color mixing including CTC and customizable pixel patterns across its front face. It is designed to deliver high output and with its RGBW sources, offers a wide color palette from soft pastels to deep saturates.
Although Bastille’s rig size has downscaled for some of the smaller shows the full GLP inventory will be on display again from October. Meanwhile Jamie Thompson is planning to rejoin The Script shortly for further shows.

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